At PG Latham & Co Ltd, we offer our customers a comprehensive and versatile machining facility that has been designed to compliment the materials handling industry.

The machining facility consists of vertical/horizontal milling machines, lathes, boring machines, drills and a slotting machine.

Our fully qualified and innovative machinists can produce high quality parts from engineering drawings provided by the customer or reverse engineered from broken/damaged samples.

Our machining team can also repair damaged components back to manufacturer specification and operationally test.

Some of the services offered and parts made include:

  • Hydraulic Rams
  • Fork carriage modifications
  • Side-Shifting Carriages
  • Fork size modifications
  • Mast height modifications (all done in-house)
  • Forklift truck modifications (all done in-house)
  • Steer axles
  • Drive axles
  • Stub axles
  • Pins
  • Bushes
  • Hubs
  • Bespoke fork parts