Lifting Equipment Testing

At PG Latham & Co Ltd, Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) is used in house and on-site for the detection of surface or near surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials such as steel and iron. This allows our organisation to be thorough and confident when inspecting and repairing lifting equipment.

With this method of NDT, we apply a magnetic field to the item being tested. If there is a flaw or crack, the magnetic field is distorted and leaks into the air. Fine iron particles are then applied to the surface of the test item. These are attracted to the area of the flux leakage and create a visible flaw indication.

PG Latham & Co Ltd offer a full range of lifting equipment inspection and LOLER 98 testing services to ensure your lifting equipment complies to the strict industry LOLER 98 regulations.

We endeavour to prolong the lifetime of your lifting equipment, minimise the inconvenience/costliness of downtime and keep our customer’s in compliance with the law.

Our fully qualified Competent Persons & Inspectors are experienced and qualified to carry out the statutory lifting equipment examinations of all types of lifting gear and provide the mandatory test certification.

Why are PG Latham & Co Ltd different from other lifting equipment services ?

Our bespoke calibrated Lifting Equipment testing facilities are designed specifically to load test Materials Handling equipment such as fork arms, carriages, attachments and chains of all types (see our YouTube channel).

PG Latham & Co Ltd have unrivalled underpinning knowledge and experience within the Materials Handling Industry.

Lifting Equipment Inspection & Testing Services Provided Include:

  • Lifting Equipment Thorough Examination
  • On Site Lifting Equipment Testing
  • ISO Proof Load Testing for all types of lifting equipment (our Test Facility is fitted with calibrated load testing facilities up to 500 Tonne).
  • Lifting equipment record management service
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Programmes of Lifting Equipment for sites where breakages and incidents are occurring regularly due to rugged manufacturing processes.

PG Latham & Co Ltd are always willing to provide professional, helpful advice on any technical or legislative requirements for lifting equipment testing to ensure you are always compliant with the ever changing legislation in the industry.